Venture Lighting HID


  • Uni-Form Pulse Start Open Rated Lamps

    The Uni-Form Pulse Start Open Rated Lamp delivers up to 30,000 hours of energy efficient light. It offers exceptional operational performance, an extremely fast warm-up time and unique cold temperature starting (-40ºC). UV Shield technology reduces yellowing on polycarbonate lenses and diffusers.

    WattsDescriptionLamp No.Spec
    250MP 250W/C/U/UVS/PS/73725029PDF
    250MP 250W/U/UVS/PS/74025028PDF
    320MP 320W/C/U/ED28/UVS/PS/73732029PDF
    320MP 320W/U/ED28/UVS/PS/74032028PDF
    320MP 320W/U/ED37/UVS/PS/74032037PDF
    400MP 400W/C/U/ED28/UVS/PS/73740022PDF
    400MP 400W/C/U/UVS/PS/73740039PDF
    400MP 400W/U/ED28/UVS/PS/74040020PDF
    400MP 400W/U/UVS/PS/74040037PDF
    450MP 450W/BU/UVS/PS/74065072PDF
  • Uni-Form Pulse Start Enclosed Rated Lamps

    The Uni-Form Pulse Start Enclosed Rated Lamp delivers up to 30,000 hours of energy efficient light. It offers exceptional operational performance, an extremely fast warm-up time and unique cold temperature starting (-40ºC).

    WattsDescriptionLamp No.Spec
    200MS 200W/H75/T15/PS/74070764PDF
    250MH 250W/C/U/PS/73740812PDF
    250MH 250W/U/PS/74037517PDF
    320MS 320W/H75/T15/L/PS/74079710PDF
    320MS 320W/H75/T15/S/PS/74057626PDF
    320MH 320W/U/ED28/PS/74012718PDF
    320MH 320W/C/U/ED28/PS/73732149PDF
    350MS 350W/H75/T15/L/PS/74093749PDF
    400MH 400W/C/U/PS/73743934PDF
    400MH 400W/U/ED28/PS/74019824PDF
    400MH 400W/C/U/ED28/PS/73747815PDF
    400MH 400W/U/PS/74028614PDF
    450MS 450W/V/PS/74010079PDF
    450MS 450W/C/V/PS/73710138PDF
  • Standard Metal Halide Probe Start Lamps

    Venture’s Standard Metal Halide Probe Start Lamp is ideal for multiple lighting applications. Customisation options include colour temperatures, wattages (full range), bulb finishes (clear or coated), control gear (CWA Control Gear or Ignitor Reactor Metal Halide Gear). Probe Start is the perfect replacement lamp for Multi-Vapor and Super Metal Arc lamps.

    WattsDescriptionLamp No.Spec
    400MH 400W/U/ED2857540PDF
    1000MH 1000W/U/BT3715332PDF
    1000MH 1000W/U72051PDF
    1500MS 1500W/HOR/XP/SPORT6082070PDF
    1500MH 1500W/U/XL12342PDF
    1650MS 1650W/HOR/XP/SPORT6016419PDF
    250MPI 250W/BU60722PDF
    250MPI 250W/C/BU60723PDF
    400MPI 400W/BU95527PDF
    400MPI 400W/C/BU26091PDF
    1000MPI 1000W/BU62948PDF
  • High Wattage Lamps

    Venture High Wattage Lamps are the leading choice for sports arenas and stadiums worldwide. They have a high lumen output and are designed with a cooler base for improved field performance. The lamps are compact, linear and provide excellent optical control.

    WattsDescriptionLamp No.Spec
    1000MBIL S 1000W22417PDF
    1500MBIL S 1500W22151PDF
    2000MBIL S 2000W22132PDF
    1500MH-DE 1500W/T7/4K46745PDF
    2000MH-DE 2000E/T8/4K10301PDF
    2000MH-TS 2000W/XL/K12/4K22813PDF
    2000MH-TS 2000W/L/K12/45K84203PDF
  • Double Ended Lamps

    Venture Double Ended Lamps are often used for accent lighting and downlighting applications. Clients with retail environments and showrooms value their compact configuration, precise optical control and excellent colour uniformity. Venture’s long-life Double Ended Lamps are available in 70–250 Watts.

    WattsDescriptionLamp No.Spec
    70MH-DE 70W/UVS/4K ( RSC-RX7s )60248PDF
    150MH-DE 150W/UVS/4K ( RSC-RX7s )74756PDF
  • High Pressure Sodium Lamps (HPS)

    Venture High Pressure Sodium Lamps (HPS) are commonly used for outdoor applications including street lighting and security. HPS Lamps are a popular plant-growing solution because their colour spectrum produces superior yields. They are an energy-efficient replacement lamp and they come in a range of HPS wattage options.

    WattsDescriptionLamp No.Spec
    70HPS-DE 70W/RX7S/HO00445PDF
    150HPS-DE 150W/RX7S/HO00446PDF
  • White-Lux Plus Metal Halide Lamps

    White-Lux® Plus Metal Halide Lamps offer increased lumen efficiency over existing White-Lux lamps. These lamps can be used to convert the harsh yellow light of sodium lamps in existing installations into clean, white metal halide light. They have a formed body arc tube for faster starting and operate on standard HPS ballasts and ignitors. White-Lux® Plus Metal Halide Lamps are available in 50, 70, 100, 150, 250, 400, 600 and 1000 wattages.

    WattsDescriptionLamp No.Spec
    50HIE 50W/U/LU/4K67331PDF
    150HIE 150W/U/LU/4K30544PDF
    70HIPE 70W/C/U/LU/UVS/3K52910PDF
    70HIPE 70W/U/LU/UVS/4K10002PDF
    70HIPE 70W/C/U/LU/UVS/4K10003PDF
    100HIPE 100W/U/LU/UVS/3K82539PDF
    100HIPE 100W/C/U/LU/UVS/3K65850PDF
    100HIPE 100W/U/LU/UVS/4K10004PDF
    100HIPE 100W/C/U/LU/UVS/4K10005PDF
    150HIPE 150W/U/LU/UVS/3K22822PDF
    150HIPE 150W/C/U/LU/UVS/3K22833PDF
    150HIPE 150W/U/LU/E90/UVS/4K10051PDF
    150HIPE 150W/U/LU/UVS/4K10006PDF
    150HIPE 150W/C/U/LU/UVS/4K10007PDF
    70HIT 70W/U/LU/4K13742PDF
    100HIT 100W/U/LU/T46/4K87368PDF
    150HIT 150W/U/LU/T46/4K71144PDF
    250HIT 250W/U/LU/4K48768PDF
    400HIT 400W/U/LU/4K98748PDF
    1000HIT 1000W/U/LU/4K83265PDF
  • Euro Metal Halide Lamps

    Venture Euro Metal Halide Lamps offer both vertical and horizontal configurations to provide high performance and long life. They come in a tubular or elliptical design, and are suitable for mercury ballasts with either 600 – 900 volt two-wire, parallel ignitors, or 3000 – 4500 volt ignitors.

    WattsDescriptionLamp No.Spec
    175HIE 175W/C/U/EURO/4K40698PDF
    175HIE 175W/U/EURO/4K36279PDF
    175HIE 175W/U/E54/EURO/4K84971PDF
    250HIE 250W/C/U/EURO/4K21303PDF
    250HIE 250W/U/EURO/4K88246PDF
    250HIT 250W/U/EURO/4K33950PDF
    400HIE 400W/C/U/EURO/4K88787PDF
    400HIE 400W/U/EURO/4K20137PDF
    400HIT 400W/U/EURO/4K25830PDF
    1000HIT 1000W/HOR/74300336PDF
    1000HIT 1000W/HOR/DU/74300396PDF
    2000HIT 2000W/U/742 Plus00066PDF